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Hidro Massage

« Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. »


Dodie Smith


The ancient chiefs of India already knew it: life and vitality depend on that energy called Prana that you can find a-plenty in water and air, and especially in the combination of these two elements. We all know that body and mind are not two separate entities, which suffer or enjoy separately: the wellness of the one is the well-being of the other.

Nothing better than the whirlpool, therefore, to achieve this goal. Its benefits in fact not only affect the body, appearing more refreshed, relaxed and rested, but they are also relevant to the mental and psychic sphere. A well-done whirlpool brings rest and relaxation, restores the balance and the harmony lost during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Water is the origin of all things and of all principles: the benefits of a good massage in the water were already known in Roman times, where the thermal baths were famous between citizens as dispensers of relaxation and wellbeing. The whirlpool take advantage of the hydrotherapy principles, along with the massage therapy benefits. The water pressure facilitates the drainage of liquids, the hot temperature has a decontracturing power and stimulates circulation, while the cold one produces a tonic and stimulating effect. It is a real source of well-being also for the mind. The massage pressure stimulates the release of endorphins, which excite the nerve fibers giving you a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

A dip in our saltwater pool with whirlpool will benefit your state of mind as well as your body, leaving you wrapped in a intense sensation of wellness, creating one of the most cherished memories of your stay at the Hotel San Marco, Bibione.


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