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Salt-water Pool

« There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea. »


Kahlil Gibran


If the deck chair of the beach is not enough to relax, you need to find a more effective solution: the ingredient is simple and it has many benefits: the salt.

The latter has been used as a totally natural therapy for our body’s health and beauty since ancient times. How? The most common therapeutic use of this magical ingredient is to tackle arthritis, muscle inflammations and problems affecting the respiratory system. The treatments that combine the sea water with the salt water of our swimming pool are even more efficient, especially for diseases that affect the cardiovascular system and to counter the problems of skin impurities, because salt has a high disinfectant power. In addition, the mineral salts dissolved in the water seep the skin, nourishing and exerting anti-bacterial action, in order to prevent the beauty flaws formation. Our goal is therefore to turn your beach holiday into an important opportunity to revitalize your body and take care of your well-being.

Still not convinced? The sea water is able to promote the drainage of fluids through an osmosis process, that is why swimming in the sea can be a real panacea against water retention and swelling. The salt water of our pool is an excellent solution for those who want to lose weight - to reshape and sculpt the body you can not always rely on the talent of artists such as Michelangelo, so why not rely on this ancient remedy? Iodine, in fact, and other salts contained in the air you can breathe are very important to start our blocked metabolism or subject to a slow pace. The salt is also an ideal solution for those who train because it replenishes the energy used during sports activities.

Suitable from baby to elderly because it prevents and cures, balances and charges energy. Word experts.

Those who are looking for the comfort and relax of a 4 star hotel with swimming pool in Bibione will find the ideal conditions at the Hotel San Marco.

Our hotel is the only one in Bibione with an innovative salt water pool, a hydro massage area and air geysers, immersed in the greenery of the garden.

Our pool, filled with salt water, is one of the loveliest places in which to indulge yourself and relax totally. This correct concentration of salts encourages relaxation and detox whilst reviving your skin. It also stimulates the metabolism which eliminates excess liquid from the body’s innermost layers, nourishing them with minerals.

For your vacation, choose our hotel with swimming pool in Bibione: you will combine into a single stay sea and well-being together!


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