Bibione Olistic Festival 2024: enjoy wellness through yoga and meditation

This year, from September 13th to 15th, Bibione becomes the epicenter of wellness with the Bibione Olistic Festival 2024. An event where body, mind, and spirit converge in harmony amidst the natural splendour of the city. Amidst the enchanting backdrop of the beach, this open-air event offers a unique blend: from yoga to meditation, along with dance and specialized workshops, the festival ensures a complete immersion in the pursuit of holistic health.

And what better way to enhance this experience than by staying at Hotel San Marco? Nestled in tranquillity, the hotel provides the perfect haven of relaxation with its outdoor pool, lush garden, and cozy rooms, offering an ideal retreat after a day of activities.

A weekend of relaxation and wellness for body and mind

The Bibione Olistic Festival 2024 promises three days of activities such as yoga, meditation, dance, and Qigong led by a variety of expert instructors. A transformative experience awaits.

Guests of Hotel San Marco can begin their days surrounded by the verdant splendour of the hotel’s private park-garden, an oasis symbolizing life and adorned with vibrant flowers, reflecting feelings and emotions. This lush oasis, emblematic of the hotel, offers access to the exclusive saltwater pool and whirlpool area, where you will discover the blissful relaxation and rejuvenation awaiting you during your stay.

Blend wellness and nature by selecting Hotel San Marco for your stay

The experience at Hotel San Marco transcends mere accommodation; it is an integral part of the Bibione Olistic Festival, where wellness extends beyond daylight hours. Our guests can reflect on the day’s teachings while relishing dishes crafted to perfection in our Restaurant, featuring top-quality ingredients meticulously chosen by our chef, Pierluigi Lovisa, or unwind with a drink in our lounge bar.

To conclude the day, nothing surpasses the relaxation and rejuvenation found in our bright rooms, preparing for another day of personal growth and physical well-being.

By opting for Hotel San Marco, festival attendees enjoy the convenience of being just a 10-minute bike ride from the event venue, with the option to retreat and unwind in a tranquil setting. This fusion of premium activities and relaxation makes Hotel San Marco the ultimate choice for those seeking a holistic experience. A serene haven in Bibione Pineda, where every detail is tailored to your well-being.

Book your stay at Hotel San Marco now and embark on a journey of revitalization for your body, mind, and spirit with the Bibione Olistic Festival, an experience of wellness and personal transformation.