Illuminate the season 2024 with Bibione’s fireworks displays: an experience to cherish at Hotel San Marco

This year, Bibione dazzles with three unforgettable fireworks displays at Piazzale Zenith. On the nights of May 31st, June 9th, and the special evening of August 14th, the city becomes a stage where colours and lights gracefully dance across the dark sky, captivating both adults and children alike. These events, now eagerly anticipated traditions by residents and visitors, offer a unique opportunity to enjoy moments of pure emotion.

Hotel San Marco is strategically located: just a 15-minute bike ride from Piazzale Zenith, the epicenter of these night-time spectacles.

Three dates, three memorable shows

Bibione offers more than just fireworks displays; it is an exceptional destination brimming with life and opportunities. By day, indulge in a variety of activities: from leisurely beach days to scenic nature walks, or engaging in sports like golf.

For a truly unique experience at Hotel San Marco, explore new flavours with Chef Pierluigi Lovisa, who expertly crafts creative dishes using top-quality ingredients. Staying here means immersing yourself in an atmosphere of sophistication and pleasure, where cuisine plays a fundamental role in crafting unforgettable memories. Delight in gastronomic wonders and discover the culinary excellence our 4-star hotel offers. But there is more!

A wide range of amenities, including an innovative saltwater pool, a tranquil garden, complimentary bike rental service for exploring, and easy access to a private beach, ensure the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Book your stay at Hotel San Marco

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, captivated by the splendour of the fireworks illuminating the sky, and create unforgettable memories. After the spectacle, retreat to the serenity and comfort of Hotel San Marco, your ideal haven following a day brimming with emotions.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity; book your stay to fully enjoy the city’s fireworks exhibitions. Hotel San Marco guarantees a retreat of relaxation and tranquillity. Experience a summer filled with emotions, comfort, and splendour, and let the enchantment of fireworks in a unique setting mesmerize you. Your dream summer awaits in Bibione, at Hotel San Marco.