Septemberfest 2024: two days of flavours and fun in Bibione

As summer fades into the warm hues of autumn, Bibione comes alive with the annual Septemberfest, set for September 11th and 12th, 2024. Now in its 39th edition, this festival celebrates the delight of wine and local cuisine, culminating in a breathtaking fireworks display illuminating the city’s night sky. September marks the grape harvest season, and Bibione honours it with this beloved and truly unforgettable event, bringing together adults and children to enjoy the delights of our region.

Septemberfest transforms Piazzale Zenith into a culinary wonderland of grapes and wine. Hotel San Marco, situated just a 15-minute bike ride from the heart of the festivities, offers an ideal retreat for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity, complete with exclusive amenities: from the soothing saltwater pool to lush green spaces and a private beach equipped with every comfort.

Septemberfest: a unique gastronomic experience

This festival celebrates the love for gastronomy, transforming Piazzale Zenith into a vibrant marketplace of flavours and aromas. Throughout the event, you can indulge in exploring a wide selection of Venetian wines, complemented by traditional dishes and local culinary delights. It is the perfect opportunity to savour both the classic and innovative flavours of our region, fully immersing yourself in the local culinary culture.

The highlight of Septemberfest is the evening of September 12th, when a magnificent fireworks display illuminates the sky of Bibione. Accompanied by music, these colourful and luminous explosions create a breathtaking spectacle that should not be missed.

Your stay at Hotel San Marco

Hotel San Marco offers you the opportunity to combine the energy and excitement of Septemberfest with a tranquil stay. Located just a 15-minute bike ride from the event venue, choosing to stay at our hotel means embracing an unmatched experience where relaxation meets the allure of the festival. From the comfort of our bright and cozy rooms to moments of serenity by the saltwater pool surrounded by lush greenery, and the enjoyment of authentic flavours in our cuisine, every detail is crafted to ensure your holiday is unforgettable.

Visit Bibione and let yourself be embraced by the excellence and warmth of Hotel San Marco’s hospitality, transforming your Septemberfest experience into a cherished memory. Book your stay now!