Live with us a tourism in full respect of nature.


Bibione, with its sea, lagoon and pine forest, is the first holiday resort in Europe to reach the EMAS Environmental Register in the European Community in 2002, in addition to UNI EN ISO 14001. This is a testimony of the constant commitment to improve and safeguard the environment quality. In May 2021, Bibione was awarded by FEE Italy with the 30th Blue Flag for it's clean sea, safe and equipped beach.


Also Hotel San Marco has chosen to promote a sustainable and responsible tourism, without change the quality of the comfort of our guests; a "green" choice to ensure maximum environmental quality.


These are our special "attentions":
• Saltwater pool, known for its health benefits and its disinfecting properties as a replacement for environmentally harmful chemicals.
• Hotel Roof photovoltaic system, which produces around 22,000 kWh per year and thus saves the emission of approximately 14,700 kg of CO2.
• Solar thermal for the production of approx. 30% hot water.
• We are the first hotel in Bibione official partner of TESLA Destination Charging with two columns for charging electric cars of any brand.
• Attention to food waste and for this reason, we ask the co-operation of our guests to arrange at the breakfast time, the selection for the dinner.
• Attention to the sustainability of the territory, preferring km 0 suppliers with low polluting cultivation or production forms.
• Attention to detergent pollution through the adoption of the EMAS Protocol, and we invite guests to communicate independently about the need to convert linens.