« Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression. »

Dodie Smith


The San Marco, your hotel between all the 4 star hotels in Bibione with a hydro-massage pool, is waiting for you and your family to try our special saltwater swimming pool with Jacuzzi and massaging water jets.

Exactly for the same reason we believe in salt benefits and illness ability, we are also truly convinced that water possess a strong and deep power, especially if combined with air. Therefore, we are proud to be unique between the Bibione's Hotel for our Jacuzzi and massaging water jets. Everything to make your relaxing moments more valuable and facilitate the creation of this essential and curative energy. Take care of your mind and bodily wellness, spend some worthwhile times with your family and partner and take advantage of all this benefits.

Find us, in Bibione, among all the hotels and our Jacuzzi and will give you physical and mind harmony. Leave aside the hustle and the stress of your life and just take a break of pleasure.

Benefits of massage therapy, renowned by the Indians as the ancient Romans, fit perfectly in the philosophy of San Marco. Within the Bibione's Hotels, our Jacuzzi is not only a hydro-massage pool but also something more. Indeed, water-massaging jets are located in a saltwater pool and this means that you can combine at the same time the benefits of the salt with this kind of massage. Water pressure, in fact, stimulates the release of endorphins and encourage relaxation and pleasure.

Choose us for accommodation between all the 4 star hotels of Bibione, our hydro-massage pool is waiting for you.

Book your stay at San Marco, immerse yourself in our swimming pool and enjoy the benefits both in the body and in the mind. Leave your stress away and surround yourself in an atmosphere of well-being that will make an impression on your memories forever.

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