« There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea. »


Kahlil Gibran


San Marco Hotel in Bibione with saltwater swimming pool represents unique pool amenities on this resort: we prepared ideal blend of services and amenities for your holiday. Dive with us!


Salt, full of therapeutic properties, is used for body well-being and treatment of diseases like arthritis, muscle inflammation and respiratory problems since ancient times.


In Hotel San Marco, we truly believe in well-being effect of saltwater swimming pool so we decided to offer a special service to our guest. Here all our customers could bath, relax and benefit from the rejuvenating power of salt, or alleviate annoying aches, treat skin and body through the beneficial effects of this pure element. And it is possible only in San Marco – unique hotel in Bibione with swimming pool containing saltwater.


When you get tired of the beach and the sand, do not miss the well-being properties of sea water, just come to Hotel San Marco Bibione and see our swimming pool and keep you healthy!


In Bibione, Hotel with saltwater swimming pool is a good deal to conciliate both a relaxing desire and your kid’s amusement. Regenerate yourself and take care of your body and mind well-being without forgoing entertainment for your kids.


Still not convinced?


Well, going on, sea and salt water is capable of more than you know and you will find this out deciding to stay at the only one between all 4 star hotels in Bibione with a saltwater pool: Hotel San Marco.


Visit us and enjoy the benefits of water and salt combination. Make a treatment against water retention and swelling. Reshape your body increasing the metabolism through the maritime air and iodine and reintegrate lost energies. Our Bibione hotel with saltwater swimming pool, hydro-massage and massaging water jets is waiting for you in our beautiful and relaxing garden.


If you are looking for relaxation and well-being, choose Hotel San Marco, unique hotel in Bibione with swimming pool of saltwater. Make your holiday truly unique.

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