Sustainable Tourism

With increasing awareness of environmental protection, eco-tourism has gained significant importance among travelers seeking experiences aligned with sustainability principles.

If you are planning such a trip and need a hotel in Bibione where you can charge your electric car, Hotel San Marco is your ideal destination for a holiday in harmony with nature.

Bibione, renowned for its sea, lagoon, and pine forest, holds the distinction of being the first tourist destination in Europe to achieve EMAS Environmental Registration from the European Community in 2002, along with UNI EN ISO 14001 certification. These recognitions underscore our ongoing commitment to enhancing and preserving the environmental quality of the area. Furthermore, Bibione has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag by FEE Italy for its clean sea and well-equipped beaches for 30 consecutive years. Preserving this vast natural treasure has become our mission, extending far beyond merely providing electric charging columns for guests' cars while vacationing in Bibione.

At Hotel San Marco, we embrace sustainable and responsible tourism by offering 'green' services that prioritize quality while respecting the environment. Experience a sustainable getaway at Hotel San Marco in Bibione, where electric car charging services are just one of the many environmentally conscious amenities we provide.