Club Bibione walking hotels

«Nordic walking by the sea is a harmonious dance, a perfect way to embrace nature and rediscover the beauty of outdoor life»

The Hotel San Marco, environment lover and surrounded by the green Pineda, decided to join the Walking Club Bibione Hotels, thus turning the hotel into a holidays home not only for beach life lovers , but also for outdoor and long walks lovers. Staying at the Hotel San Marco, you can use the highly useful Nordic Walking poles provided by the Hotel free of charge and walk through the Pineda in complete comfort and safety (to discover all the benefits of this activity, we invite you to log on to the websites of various Italian and foreign associations of Nordic Walking).

Our land is a constant surprise to those who wish to discover the natural beauties by walking. There are many possibilities, in fact, to have fun walking holidays in Bibione Pineda, which will allow you to keep fit in the open air, admiring beautiful landscapes, always different from each other.

The natural oasis of Val Grande and Vallesina, only 200 meters from the hotel, preserve woods centuries’ old oak and black pines of Austria (and therefore also suitable in the hot summer afternoons) inhabited by deer, turtles (Hermann’s tortoises, rare but widespread in Bibione), swans, cute squirrels and many species of birds, such as mallards, herons, nightingales and Sardinian warbler, a typical bird of the Mediterranean area. To stay in Bibione Pineda means discovering worlds of suspended atmosphere, unexpected silence and unspoiled nature, everything supervised by the watchful eye of the old Lighthouse, solemn guardian of this strip of beach.

On request, our staff will provide a power breakfast, equipment, useful information, maps of the area and suggestions for some paths to follow. Bibione, in fact, as well as the Hotel San Marco, is sensitive to the impact that human life has on the environment and provides its visitors more than 30 km of pedestrian and bicycle path.

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