Saltwater Pool

« There must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea. »
Khalil Gibran

If relaxing on the deckchair is no longer enough for you, and you seek a more effective solution: our 4-star hotel in Bibione Pineda, along the northern Adriatic coast of Italy, is the perfect place where you can experience the benefits of our private saltwater pool, a simple yet incredibly rejuvenating feature.

Salt has been used since ancient times for its therapeutic effects on the beauty and well-being of the body. It is known for its healing properties, particularly against conditions like arthrosismuscle inflammation and respiratory problems. Therefore, treatments that combine seawater with the saltwater from the pool are even more effective, and they are available completely free of charge for guests who wish to address skin impurities, alleviate circulatory swelling, and benefit from the therapeutic effects of salt.

At Hotel San Marco in Bibione, our saltwater pool is not only an opportunity to relax away from the beach but also a fantastic way to invigorate your body and nurture your overall well-being.

Still not convinced? The seawater in our pool can promote the drainage of liquids through osmosis, making swimming in the pool a beneficial solution against water retention and swelling. The saltwater, taken from the sea and used in our pool, helps boost metabolism with the iodine present in the maritime air, simultaneously replenishing lost energy due to stress or a hectic lifestyle.

If you are looking for the comfortrelaxation and well-being of a 4-star hotel in Italy with private saltwater pool, Hotel San Marco is the perfect choice to satisfy even the most discerning guests. Ours is the only hotel in Bibione to offer an innovative saltwater swimming pool, complete with a hydromassage area and air geysers, surrounded by a wonderful green garden.

Moreover, our swimming pool is one of the most pleasant places to spend moments of regenerative rest and well-being. With the correct concentration of salts, relaxation, detoxification and skin regeneration are promoted, enriching your skin with essential minerals.

Choose our hotel with private saltwater pool on the northern Adriatic coast of Italy for your holiday, combining the pleasure and fun of the sea with the wellness and body care typical of a spa, all within a single unforgettable stay.

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